Draw a picture of Astrid Lindgren and send it to astrid-lindgren.com



We at astrid-lindgren.com

would love to get your drawings of Astrid.

Please send us Your pictures or drawings on Astrid

so we can publish them here on our website.




If you have the ability to scan your picture into your computer or if you made the drawing on the computer, then send it to us using the addresses on this page.



Send the pictures in .jpg or .gif or .png formats.

And please keep the Images Small.




If you Do Not have the possibility to scan pictures into your computer, that's no problem, then we will do it for you. Send the drawing using the addresses on this page.



Note: the drawings will not be returned. We will edit the material sent to us as needed to fit the web pages. In addition we  choose whether we decide to publish the material sent to us or not.

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Revised: februari 12, 2002