A Word From The Web Team Behind This Site:


Do you know how many hours producing this site has taken so far? I'm not sure myself, but my guess is around 4-6 consecutive weeks, that's 700-900 hours. And let me tell you a secret:

-"It has been the most exciting time for me in a long time, and by far the most thrilling experience in web making, no comparison”.


-"Why?” you might ask.

Well, even if you don't ask why, I will tell you anyway. About a year ago a thought hit me, to search the Internet on what was written about Astrid Lindgren.

I found many pages, in fact 13.222 hits with one of the leading search engines. A lot of these websites have well thought out text and pictures about Astrid, a lot don’t.


The first thing I searched for was an Official Astrid Lindgren website in English.

There Is None, this site included!

There Is Only One Official Website on Astrid and It's in Swedish: www.astridlindgren.se 


There is one Unofficial site that stands out, well maybe two.

But I wanted Astrid Lindgren's site to be a Fun English website with music, pictures, text, facts, stories, colourful and with dynamic updates.


That is why I registered and started to build this site about Astrid Lindgren.



Daniel Grahm