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This site is entirely dedicated to

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This English website about Astrid Lindgren is made to honour and shine a really bright and intensed spotlight on the person Astrid is. It's quite overdue, but the one who waits for something good...

... please feel free to browse around and see what we got for you so far.



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The Web Team would like to point out the expertise and professionalism that Ingrid Vang Nyman used in her early drawings on Pippi Longstocking. We are strong  in our belief that is one of the contributing causes to the incredible widespread penetration Astrid's books gotten thru the years. A special gratitude to Ilon Wikland as well. Her drawing is as timeless as Ingrid Vang Nyman drawings are.

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Please Note that this site is NOT made by Astrid Lindgren or any close relative,

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