the Slovenian Government Medal


The first Astrid Lindgren statue is unveiled in the park Tegnérlunden  in Stockholm. A bronze statue by Majalisa Alexanderson





Astrid Lindgren celebrates her 90:th anniversary. Facing her birthday she most of all wants “to be a lonely animal deep down in the forest”.

Astrid is Elected Swedish Citizen of the Year.

“ I think you forgot something. And that is I’m an old human being who is death and half blind and almost completely crazy. And that person you made “Swede of the Year!” we have to be careful not to spread this around, because then they will think that entire Sweden is this way…”

from Aktuellt, SVT 1


Astrid finances the studies for the earlier expelled 18-year old Rodja Sincari from Åsele. Rodja has been allowed to return from Turkey for studies under a limited time.











On the 2:nd of April 1988 the Russian Academy of Science acquires the right to name the newly discovered meteor number: 3204 after Astrid Lindgren.


from now on you can address me Asteroid Lindgren, Astrid Lindgren declared.”


from you know…





Elected Swedish citizen of the year by the readers of the paper ”Aftonbladet”


The Year 1999 Astrid Lindgren together with William Shakespeare and Franz Kafka are elected the 20:th century most important writers, by a jury within "Sveriges Radio" Cultural Editorial Office.






Honorary doctor in medicine at the University of Linköping






At the age of 94; Astrid Lindgren left us.

Astrid passed away in her home in Stockholm on the 28:th January 2002.








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This entire text is translated by Daniel Grahm


The Swedish text references are: "www.Astrid" and "Astrid Lindgren a biography" by M. Strömstedt

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Jane Foo’s A.L appreciation site



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