Albert Schweitzer Medal, Washington.


Honorary doctor at the University of Warsaw




the Joseph Wood Krutch Medal - Society for the Protection of Animals, USA




UNESCO International Book Award from the UNESCO International Book Committee, Wien


The Albert Engström Award





Telia’s Speech Award

the Danish Traesko-Award, Aarhus

(Traesko=>Träsko=>Wooden Shoe)

Astrid Lindgren receives the Right Livelihood Award the Alternative Nobel Prize for her life long devotion and continuing dedication for children and animal rights.

Honourable mention in conjunction to the Right Livelihood Award, Stockholm

the Mickel Award




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Life Dates

This entire text is translated by Daniel Grahm


The Swedish text references are: "www.Astrid" and "Astrid Lindgren a biography" by M. Strömstedt

and these have been compared to

Jane Foo’s A.L appreciation site



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