Astrid Lindgren’s son Lars dies



Her friend and German publisher Friedrich Oetinger dies


the Swedish Council of America names her "Swede of the Year"


This Years Animal Friend!, the Swedish Animal Protection Society

Selma Lagerlöf Literature Award, Sweden

The Lego Prize, Denmark

Astrid Lindgren founds "Solkatten" for disabled children.






Astrid Lindgren and Ingvar Carlsson

Astrid Lindgren and Ingvar Carlsson

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On the 14:th of November Astrid Lindgren celebrates her 80:th anniversary with pomp and circumstance on the theatre Göta Lejon in Stockholm, Sweden. Astrid sits on the stage with a wreath of flowers in her hair and receives congratulations. The prime minister Ingvar Carlsson is one of the congratulators. He comes with a law for the protection of animals as a present – Lex Lindgren. The international attention around “Lex Lindgren” is huge.

A law that Astrid later, as soon as she clearly understood the cautious enclosure, describes as “Farty”. Read more.


‘Lex Lindgren’, what happened?


Lex Lindgren? who came up with the idea to call the animal protection law that? Am I supposed to be flattered over this meaningless law named after me?


Astrid Lindgren in “Expressen” march the 23:d 1988


Three important areas were excluded in the law. Areas were strengthened protection was called for:

1.     The specialised beef meat production

2.     Slaughter swine production

3.     the slaughter


Astrid Lindgren was raged: ”Who has intimidated the government to make this hollow interpretation?”


from “My cow want to have fun”, by Astrid Lindgren and Kristina Forslund



Animal Protection Law in birthday present on the 80:th anniversary


Astrid Lindgren is congratulated with a massive party at the theatre “Göta Lejon” in Stockholm, Sweden. The prime minister Ingvar Carlsson is among the congratulators. He concludes his speech with the words:

“So my gift, Astrid, is that we will try to make a really good animal protection law that at least will be better than the present and by which, I hope, you’d be fairly pleased with!”

Astrid Lindgren in “My cow wants to have fun:” “vi shouted for joy Kristina* and me. It said there so fantastic in the proposed bill that all animals should be protected from suffering and deceases and live in a for them natural way. Yes, it stood there in black and white.”

* Kristina Forslund, veterinarian and Astrid Lindgren’s co-worker on the animal protection debate.



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The Animal Protection Debate, what was the outcome?


Astrid Lindgren’s and Kristina Forslund’s Animal Protection Campaign in the paper “Expressen” continued over three years. They summed it up them selves: “More fun than this it never became for the animals!”

  The decision makers said that they stood on the animal’s side, but that just shine thru at some part in the new legislation. But Astrid Lindgren and Kristina Forslund’s campaign did achieve changes in the public opinion. The Farming Industry began talking about ethics and many consumers stated demands on how their food were manufactured. In the future animal farming and meat production would not only be an issue on economy and rational management. Conception like Ethics and Quality were now Connected in this Context.




 Leo Tolstoy International Gold Medal.





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This entire text is translated by Daniel Grahm


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