Received the Illis Quruom of the 12:th magnitude, Gold Medal awarded by the Swedish Government


For a “over the world attentive author deed, which made a significant masterly renewal of children- and youth literature.”



Silver Bear Award for the movie Ronia, the Robber's Daughter


Loisirs jeune élu par l'enfant, French children's book award



Karen Blixen Award, from the Danish Academy

Jovanovic Zmaj Award, Yugoslavia



Astrid, the farmer’s daughter is upset over the consequences of large-scale farming. In the paper “DN” she writes an article with the little famous words ‘cows and enclosed pasture do need each other.’ The article is the start of a three year long campaign in the paper “Expressen”, were she along side the veterinarian Kristina Forslund, reader on the Swedish university of agricultural sciences, will publish a row of debate articles deals with the animal protection within Sweden. And the debate on goes with many involved. Read More Below.

the Animal Protection Campaign
Astrid Lindgren’s fighting spirit and the news about her Animal Protection Law was wide spread around the world, and international TV-companies lined up to cover the story. The Law, that was to be called “Lex Lindgren”, did not live up to what the prime minister promised.
“Farty” was Astrid Lindgren’s comment afterwards. “To promise one special birthday present and the withdraw half of it.”



excerpt from the Swedish book “Astrid Lindgren – en levnadsteckning” by Margareta Strömstedt.

(freely “Astrid Lindgren – a biography” by Margareta Strömstedt.)



But all together Astrid Lindgren’s and Kristina Forslund’s three year long campaign for more suitable conditions for farm animals created a clear penetration in public opinion – many consumers opened their eyes. Ethics and quality had been an issue when it came to daily bread.


The Animal Protection Campaign is documented in the book “My cow wants to have fun”, by Astrid Lindgren and Kristina Forslund.


Astrid Lindgren calls upon purchase strike


Astrid Lindgren: ” I think we should purchase strike.”

Interviewer:” If it ever comes to that cows and pigs are allowed to go outside, don’t you think the food will become more expensive then?”

Astrid Lindgren: ”I don’t care if that is the outcome! It can become little more expensive. To get better quality food, you have to pay for it. We can and I’m sure we will do that.”

ur "Astrid Lindgren – inte bara sagotant" NORRA MAGASINET, TV 2

” In particularly the women I guess – by judging the letters I’ve received – are on the move and want to se results. And the women constitute more than half our countries population. Oh, Ohh, if they seriously fly into a rage!”

Astrid Lindgren in ”Expressen”, Januayi 1987

” It is not the farmers fault that the animals has it the way they do, I would like to say that so no one think that this is an attack towards the farmers. Cause they can join and do revolution – like it soon might be if any changes aren’t made?”

ur "Astrid Lindgren – inte bara sagotant" NORRA MAGASINET, TV 2


”Invite the politicians!”
The Slaughter Association managing director reacted on the campaign, where he said that Astrid Lindgren took the readers on a “dizziness of a  Ghost Train ride to animal hell”. Managing Director means that it is the politicians and not the The Slaughter Association who should be affected by the criticism.


* Astrid’s reply to the managing director

* Dear Ingvar Carlsson!






With over 2 million yearly-borrowed books in the Swedish Public libraries, Astrid Lindgren is the most often read Swedish author.



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The Swedish text references are: "www.Astrid" and "Astrid Lindgren a biography" by M. Strömstedt

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