Astrid Lindgren retires as children's book editor from Rabén & Sjögren.

Astrid receives the Golden Ship Award of the Swedish Society for the Promotion of Literature.

Astrid also receives together with Tove Jansson the Heffaklumpen from the Swedish paper Expressen for Emil and Piggy Beast, and the Lewis Carroll Shelf Award for Christmas in the Stable.



Astrid Lindgren receives The Swedish Academy's Gold Medal. She explained in the press later that the golden medal “was heavy as Pilsner beer”


The book My Mischief’s, “Mina Påhitt” is released.

, freely since I’m not sure this book exist in English






The Brothers Lionheart releases.

Read About how Astrid got inspired to write The Brothers Lionheart


How the idea to The Brothers Lionheart arose.


The Brothers Lionheart has originated in different ways. First I’ve walked around in graveyards rather a lot. And on Vimmerby cemetery I once saw an inscription on a tombstone with the words: “ Here lies the tender brothers Phalén…” Then I knew that my next book would be about death and those two little brothers.

And then I started thinking about what it was that happened to these brothers lying here, what have they experienced in their short life? But that was just a minor beginning…


Then I also remember when we had audition for the little boy playing Emil in the Emil-movies. And the press had such an extreme coverage of the event it almost seamed like we were electing a new pope or so. We had a press conference and little Janne was put on a table there at SF (Svensk Filmindustri). The photographers crawled around and journalist asking questions and he just stood there peacefully and quiet answering. Later when it reaches the end he jumped down, went over to his 7-year older brother and sat in his lap, I guess he was around 15-years old. And big brother bent forward and kissed him on his cheek. Then I thought…this is really affectionate brothers.


Well, I continued thinking, with my brothers that I’ve started thinking about at the time. I wasn’t sure of what I wanted with them, and what they were supposed to do. But then when I was up in Värmland New Years 1970 I think it was, and was sliding that littlie slope that border Fryken this early winter morning. And the sky had the most wonderful colours, it was such a lovely morning and breath taken beyond this planet. And then I thought that the brothers probably aren’t on this earth… they took a leap up to Nangijala right away!


Astrid Lindgren gathered from three different interviews:

from UR “Hyss och Påhitt”

from SF ”Astrid Lindgren Berättar”

TV 2 ”Astrid Hela Världens Sagofé”




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The Brothers Lionheart met with quite amount of criticism. Read more.


The Brothers Lionheart - Literature criticism 1973


Kerstin Stjärne in paper “Arbetet”:

”The Brothers Lionheart is an insult to liberation movements across the world.”


A group of Marxist literary historians in paper “DN”:

“There is adventures that should not exist, had Jonathan said once, and there really are adventures that should never exist in a child’s book.”


Astrid Lindgren is portraying evil in a one-dimension way, people say, and that “death is put up to be the solution to the problems” considered both irresponsible and cruel.



In Reply to the criticism


PC Jersild in the paper “DN”

(---)…”that kind of examine is very hard to do and must be done with great respect for the work of art, with broad outlook and maybe a sense of humour. A little risk can there otherwise be that you turn yourself into the Highest Commission in Soviet for Social-Realistic children literature. And especially difficult it tends to be if a book is about death. Marx is a bit meagre on that particular point.”


Astrid Lindgren tells in an interview in Expressen about a seminar at the Erica Foundation. A young psychologist meant that he would never read the ending lines in The Brothers Lionheart to any child, since it is so awful that the brothers must die twice:


“Then I said: ‘You see, the more you die the more accustomed you become.’

But he could not find any comfort in that.

But as I came home after that meeting the girl who plays little Ida in Katthult in the Emil-movies called me and said:

‘I’ve just read The Brothers Lionheart and Thank You for making it such a happy ending.’

That’s how children can experience it.



excerpt from the Swedish book “Astrid Lindgren – en levnadsteckning” by Margareta Strömstedt.

(freely “Astrid Lindgren – a biography” by Margareta Strömstedt.)




Honorary Ph.D. at the Linköping University in Sweden.



Lewis Carroll Shelf Award for Pippi Longstocking.




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