The first book about “Bill Bergson, Master Detective” is released.. 


Astrid Lindgren starts working as publishing house editor and is responsible for the children section at Rabén & Sjögren. She works at the publishing house during the afternoons, and has her mornings free to write. The book “The children in Noisy Village” is released. Astrid had sent the manuscript to the script competition in the year 1945 (along with Pippi Longstocking). Despite the fact that it did not receive any award it was bought for publication.




Astrid makes her first trip to the United States of America. She got a assignment from “Damernas Värld” to write causeries. Astrid is strongly affected by the oppression against the black people at the time. And the causeries will even though the its ease of tone be afflicted and coloured by this.






The book “Simon Small” is released.


Simon Small – Now the stories starts to flash and sparkle


“With Simon Small Astrid Lindgrens tales starts to flash and sparkle. (---) It is not all about everyday moral any more. The moral and didactic attitude from the tales in “Landsbygdens Jul” is vanished. Now it’s more about grief of life and life consolation, ‘and how hard it is to be human.’

(---) Playful and graceful – with passages of grief – the fantasy plays in the borderland between reality and dream. She enters the fairytale and lets it take over. She is unique in not give way for death or other complicated subjects.”

Vivi Edström about “Simon small”, “Nils Karlsson-Pyssling”.

excerpt from “Astrid Lindgren och sagans makt” by Vivi Edström

(freely “Astrid Lindgren and the power of fairytales” by Vivi Edström.)


Pippi Longstocking is for the first time published by a German publishing house, Verlag Friedrich Oetinger.


A slovenly book hot-rod teenager from Hamburg


”Five German publishing houses refused Pippi Longstocking when Astrid Lindgren got visited by a young, little slovenly book hot-rod teenager from Hamburg. It was according to Astrid Lindgrens own and later description ‘ the brown eyed, vaguely smiling Friedrich Oetinger in his somehow torn overcoat.’ He had recently started a publishing house in Hamburg and wanted now to have option on this ‘book about Pippi Longstocking, who should be so peculiar.


Astrid immediately liked him, he seemed so young and poor and hot on publishing, and the person she had once started to like she sticks very faithful to. Oetingers publishing house got from there on all her books and is now one of Germanys largest, all thanks to the Swedish Children Books.

excerpt from the Swedish book “Astrid Lindgren – en levnadsteckning” by Margareta Strömstedt.

(freely “Astrid Lindgren – a biography” by Margareta Strömstedt.)





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