One morning Astrid by accident slips on the slippery and icy sidewalk and has to stay in bed for a week. It is at this moment she starts writing down all the stories about Pippi Longstocking that she earlier told Karin and her friends. She meant it to be a gift on Karin’s 10:th anniversary.

One copy of the manuscript she sends to the Bonnier publishing house*.

* Bonnier publishing house rejects this manuscript…

“Not that I for one second thought that they’d publish it in book form, but anyway! I was myself pretty shaken by Pippi, and I remember finishing my letter to the publishing house: “ In expectation that you don’t alarm the child welfare committee.”



Excerpt from the Swedish book “Astrid Lindgren – en levnadsteckning” by Margareta Strömstedt.

(freely “Astrid Lindgren – a biography” by Margareta Strömstedt.)


In September Astrid wins second prize in the recently started Publishing House Rabén & Sjögren’s Girls-Book-Competition, with her teenage novel Confidences of Britt-Mari.



Jury meeting, Rabén & Sjögren’s manuscript contest.



Elsa Olenius has told the story about the final decision in the jury that consisted of herself, Marika Stiernstedt and Hans Rabén:

“ We were unanimous about the first prize. We would give that to the teenage novel “Ingrid” that was written by Stina Lindeberg. Then I suggested that we should give the second prize to a manuscript called “Confidences of Britt-Marie”. I thought for sure that it was Bang who wrote it. “Probably Bang” I wrote on a note. Compared to all the others it was outstanding.

When the moment came on opening the nametag Hans Rabén said: “ Let it now be a real writer and not someone unknown!” Hope it is Bang!”

He rip open the envelope, told Elsa Olenius. It was dead silent. And the he brought out the nametag, sighed lightly, and establish the fact that: “It was an ordinary house wife, read this!”

And I read: ‘Mrs. Astrid Lindgren’.

‘What a shame’, said Hans Rabén.”

excerpt from the Swedish book “Astrid Lindgren – en levnadsteckning” by Margareta Strömstedt.

(freely “Astrid Lindgren – a biography” by Margareta Strömstedt.)

The joy in receiving the award for the Britt-Mari book Astrid told about on several occasions. This is what it says in a letter to Miss Hedström, in the 1953:

“To receive the award Nils Holgersson Plaque felt pleasant and enjoyable, but no sensation can be compared to the phone call a late night in 1944, that informed me about my first book, “Confidences in Britt-Mari” had been accepted for an award. Then I ran in my son’s room and silently danced an intense war dance right in front his startled eyes.


excerpt from the Swedish book “Vildtoring och lägereld” by Vivi Edströms.



Strengthened by the acknowledgment Astrid again starts working with the manuscript to Pippi Longstocking. The summary is a thorough rewriting, where everything condescending, directly meant for the adults and above the child head, is taken away.





Rabén & Sjögren give notice of another competition, and this time the theme is children books in the ages 6-10 years. Astrid Lindgren sends in her rewritten Pippi Longstocking, and this time she wins.



Pippi Longstocking

Guess who?



Pippi Longstocking receives an over all positive treatment. The critics praise and the audience is delighted. The book sells out and has to be reprinted over and over again.


The girl book “Kerstin and I” is released.



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This entire text is translated by Daniel Grahm


The Swedish text references are: "www.Astrid" and "Astrid Lindgren a biography" by M. Strömstedt

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