On the spring Astrid Ericsson marries Sture Lindgren. They move in an two-room apartment on Vulcanusgatan, and Astrid becomes a housewife. She picks up Lasse and enjoys being a present mother.

“She was not one of those mothers who sat still on a bench watching the children play. No, she wanted to play herself, and I do suspect that she enjoyed it as much as I did.”

Lars Lindgren in an interview



Astrid’s brother Gunnar recommends her sister to Editor Danberg at the paper “Landsbygdens Jul”. Astrid publishes the immediate years several Christmas articles in both Landsbygdens Jul and the “Stockholms Tidningen”.


On the 21:st of May Astrid’s second child is born, her daughter Karin.


Astrid as a mother:

Well, yes when I got the children, then I realized I still were playful. And it’s that I want every depressed teenager to know. That things do become fun again.

Oh, we played and played.

Lars and Karin. 

Lars and Karin - Astrid's to children

Picture from www.astridlindgren.se


We wandered along to the Karlbergsparken, Karlberg’s Park, there were so many trees just made for climbing. And that we did, climb and climb.”


“One time as we slide on the grass down to Karlbergkanalen, Karlberg’s Canal, I by accident tore the hole back on my dress. I remember Lasse doubled up with laughter all the way home. And he had to go close behind me to keep the torn dress from showing.”

from “Läs om Astrid Lindgren” by Kerstin Ljunggren

(Freely “Read about Astrid Lindgren” by Kerstin Ljunggren)



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This entire text is translated by Daniel Grahm


The Swedish text references are: "www.Astrid Lindgren.se" and "Astrid Lindgren a biography" by M. Strömstedt

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