Astrid graduates intermediate school-leaving examination with excellent grades; her best subject is Swedish. From Astrid’s intermediate school-leaving examination essay:


“One thing the nuns spent a lot of time on was needlework. They skilfully embroidered altar cloths, make lace spitz, sew clothes, and much else. They were very good at this and I think that if the nuns had been allowed to get married, which wasn’t the case, they would have got a lovely outfit.”


Translated from Old Swedish, difficult to do justice from original essay.


Excerpt from the Swedish book “Astrid Lindgren – en levnadsteckning” by Margareta Strömstedt.

(Freely “Astrid Lindgren – a biography” by Margareta Strömstedt.)



Astrid liked to dance – both traditional dancing and jazz


Anne-Marie Fries’ 17:th birthday - Astrid is to the right in the cap

Anne-Marie Fries’ 17:th birthday.

She is the model for the character Meg.

Astrid is to the right in the cap. Picture from


A Real Jazz Chick


Astrid had never had any intentions of spending the evenings at home as a gentle and good farmers daughter. She had many friends in town, and liked to dance – both traditional dance and jazz. And “evolved eventually to a real jazzy lady”, as her own words describe it. She was one of the first in Vimmerby who “shingled” her hair. (---)


To cut a short hair was a sensation.

“I remember the day I got my haircut. I phoned home and told dad what I’ve done.

“Then I guess its no use for you to come home”, he sighed deeply.

As I came home and sat down on a chair in the kitchen everything got completely silent. No one said a word. They just walked round me saying nothing.”





Excerpt from the Swedish book “Astrid Lindgren – en levnadsteckning” by Margareta Strömstedt.

(Freely “Astrid Lindgren – a biography” by Margareta Strömstedt.)




Astrid gets employed at the “Wimmerby Tidning”, the Wimmerby Newspaper. There she writes notes and small local coverage about major holidays and ceremony openings.




Astrid moves to Stockholm, There she starts learning short-hand-writing and machine typing at Bar-Lock secretary Schooling.



On the 4:th of December Astrid give birth to her first child, Lars. She can’t take care of him as long as she’s a student, so Lars stays with a foster family in Copenhagen. Astrid travels there though, as often as she can she visits Denmark and her son Lars. She does all this awaiting a more safe and settled down situation, that she’d be able to bring Lars home to again, permanently.



Astrid Ericsson gets employed at KAK*.

Her Office Manager name is Sture Lindgren.


* Kungl Automobil Klubben, The Royal Automobile Club. ?


Lars foster mother gets ill, and Astrid goes to Copenhagen to take her son home. The first time Astrid’s roommate sees to him in Stockholm. In the month of may Astrid take a vacation and travels with Lasse to Näs. Lars then stays for a year at Näs while Astrid continue her work at KAK in Stockholm.


Astrid is very appreciated at her worksite, not least by the Office Manager Sture Lindgren.



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This entire text is translated by Daniel Grahm


The Swedish text references are: "www.Astrid" and "Astrid Lindgren a biography" by M. Strömstedt

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